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About Don Martin

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A couple of my other websites:  www.DonMartinBooks.com – Tips for new writers and a platform for my own books/readers 

I’m the Broker/Owner of Martin Properties.  In addition to working at real estate like crazy, I write, have authored a couple of real estate books, (12 individual books and a boxed-set of 3 ) and I speak some, if I am needed.  If there is a possibility you may hire me someday, please just consider this my resume.  To answer many of you, yes, that is part of my grand-daughter’s head showing in the picture, as she sleeps on my lap.  Her union says if I show any more of her than this, I will have to pay her scale.

Licensed, full-time real estate since 1984, more than thirty years. (GOOGLE us- we’re not obscure, new-comers to this business.)

Vanderbilt University and Peabody Demonstration School (University School)

Christ Church on Old Hickory Blvd over twenty five years.

Currently attending The CHURCH at AVENUE SOUTH.

Married forty-two years.

You probably won’t find me at a retreat trying to get in touch with myself. I’d rather get in touch with you.  I keep promises, return calls.

Hardest Working Man in Real Estate, the DEAN of Graduated Services Real Estate – I save people LOTS of MONEY! Please join our new FREE group FSBO discussion group HERE!

I treat your business as the blessing that it is to me.