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How to earn Buyer Real Estate Rebate/Closing Gift at Closing!

How to begin: Just give us a call and let’s get the ball rolling!

If you have already found a home you would like to preview, just provide us with the MLS# or property information. We can look up the history of the property and verify the status, MLS history, public records as well as provide a copy of the property disclosures prior to viewing the home.

We will handle placing the offer, negotiating the best deal, handling all paperwork, and protecting your interests. 

50% Rebate - what we make is a blessing to us, and we will split it with you.

Almost all MLS listed properties offer a 2.7-3.5% buyer’s agent commission. Whatever commission we get, we rebate 50% to you in the form of a credit towards your closing costs. CAVEAT:  This is mostly based on your finding the home you want to make an offer on. Our business hours are generally 8 - 5, M - F and Sat. mornings. Due to a handicap, I am not really in a position to be able to show properties, or leave the office as I wish I could, or work around the clock anymore.  (See more below) 



 50% Concession Toward Your Closing Costs as a Thank You Gift!

We are changing the way homes are bought and sold in Tennessee. It's proven that 95% of property searches start online by the buyer before they ever contact an agent. So, if you do some of the legwork and research, we will reward you by allowing you to earn a closing cost credit to help you get settled in your new home. 

     The process is simple and the commission gets credited at closing toward your closing costs! 


We combine the best of traditional real estate with the speed and convenience of the Internet to find the right home for you. See terms below!
** Minimum sales price of $250,000.00 in Middle Tennessee Only.

To Qualify for the Closing Costs, BUYER Agrees to:

Sign a buyers representation agreement with our local partner Broker agent.

Identify broker as agent for buyer to all builders, real estate licensees, and home owners / sellers in connection with property that buyer visits without broker.

Drive by all potential properties prior to showing, if any.

Call, Text or Email Me Now to Get Started! 


Listen, if someone is going to get paid 3%, you might as well get half of it!

Here are the typical amounts you can expect back:

For a home with a purchase price of:

Your rebate would typically be*:









* This represents a typical transaction where 3% is offered to the Buyer's Agent and 50% rebate to the buyer. Buyer's Agent Commission and Rebate Percentage can vary.

            "This is a no-brainer! This program can save you thousands of dollars. "

                     - C. Johnson


The rest of this page is devoted to the 5 steps to get your 50% rebate


Step 1 – Search for your future home.

Look online and drive around the neighborhoods you want to live in

You do the initial legwork and identify a house you want to make an offer on. We write the offer and handle all the negotiations and paperwork. An agent representing a buyer almost always gets 2.7% of the purchase price. We give you 50%, and we keep 50%. If the commission offered is less than 2.7%, your rebate is correspondingly less. 

Any MLS listed property in Tennesse will be eligible for the Rebate.

(I.e. new build, duplex, town home, empty lot, etc)

Search for a property online.

Search for properties online using Some custom property search options allow you to save the results of your searches and pick up where you left off simply by logging in. You can also program them to send you emails to alert you of new listings that match your criteria.

Please note that Zillow and Trulia DO NOT display all MLS listings, so don’t rely on them as your sole source.

Drive around in your favorite neighborhood.

You can eliminate a house or two from your shopping list by simply driving by it. Sometimes you catch an open house and get some free snacks too!

Buying a New Home

Getting your 50% rebate when buying a new home is the easiest of all.


Step 2 – Make a short list of possible homes and schedule showings.

Most good listing agents will show their listings. Some won’t want to, especially after you tell them you are working with another agent. (Very important note: Identify yourself as a customer of Martin Properties as buying agent. If you misrepresent yourself, neither you nor the buying agent will receive any commission and rebate).

Some agents will want you to sign something before they will show you a home. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!! They may be trying to get you to commit to hiring them as your agent!

If you are having problems getting in to see a particular house, or have any questions at all about this program, please call us.


Step 3 – Let us do some homework and write an offer!

We have Agents ready to answer questions and put in an offer for you! 615-973-8970

Your agent will pull some comparable sales from the MLS in the neighborhood and discuss strategies and the best offer price with you. After submitting the offer, your agent will follow up and negotiate the offer.


Step 4 – Acceptance of offer.

You will receive all necessary documents to review and sign if needed. Your assigned Agent will give you a list of important contract dates, deadlines and tasks needed to be completed by you to meet all the lender and title requirements.

Throughout the transaction your Agent will continue to negotiate, and assist you in scheduling appraisers, inspectors or any other professionals needed to make sure everything runs smoothly and that any hiccups are handled.


Step 5 – Closing and Funding – It’s Yours!

At this point everything is complete.

Your Agent and the title company will make sure everything is done to ensure that your move in date will be honored.

As soon as the sellers pay us the buyer agent commission of 2.7%, we will immediately issue you the 50% Rebate!

Enjoy your dream home and the huge 50% Rebate.

   Tap or click HERE to Calculate Your Rebate

The United States Department of Justice, says

"Real estate commission rebates make home buying less expensive. Rebates can save consumers several thousand dollars in a single transaction"

. The DOJ even has a calculator on their website to help determine the amount of the rebate.

Claim your rebate in 1 of 2 ways to save:

      Option 1: Apply rebate towards your closing costs! 

      Option 2: Reduce purchase price by rebate amount!



Contact us today so that we can e-mail you a buying agent's agreement. Our program is designed so that all documents, questions, offers, and counteroffers can easily be conducted from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

This link will take you to your registration form.   PLEASE TAP HERE! 

The buying agent's agreement must be completed, signed, and sent back to us to receive your buyer's rebate. Remember that when viewing a home and speaking with the selling agent, you need to let them know that you are working with a Martin Properties buying agent. It is the only way to be able to receive the rebate from your buying agent's commission.

What Is a Buyer Rebate Program? 

Our new home rebate program is a great way to put money in your pocket or towards closing costs when purchasing a home. The new home rebate is derived from a 6% commission that may be paid by the seller in a home sales transaction. When you sign up with us, 3% of that 6% commission will be received by us. We then give you, in the form of a closing cost credit, 50% of that 3% commission. We have the highest paying Buyer Rebate Program in the state of TN. No other company offers more than us.

And remember, this will cost you NOTHING. Our philosophy is that we share the commission with you in the form of a rebate for home purchases because you are doing most of the research and work finding the home that is best for you.

After you've found a home you're interested in buying, we will place your offer, help negotiate counteroffers, get an acceptance of contract, complete legal forms, and schedule your closing.

Join the many other Martin Properties buyers and start saving Today!