Thank you for choosing to list your property with us!  In the following steps you will be creating an account for your property, which will allow you to UPLOAD YOUR PICTURES, and return to our site to manage your property, edit, manage photos and more. You may return and edit your listing anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This site can be an important contact site for your FSBO listing in addition to your MLS listing.  Also remember, THIS LISTING IS NOT THE MLS LISTING.  This is the place to gather your info for Don Martin to put in the MLS, since he is the borker. If you make changes that you wish to also be in the MLS, please make Don aware,  (Use a change form.) 

(Pick your service level, pay and be transported to your sellers dashboard.  Follow the directions and COMPLETE ALL THE STEPS.) 


A. Select and purchase MLS listing level that suits your needs.  Create your account on with your name, contact number and property address. You can include more info and descriptions as you have time.  You can upload your pictures into your account.  You will have a username and password for subsequent use of your account.

B. Once in your account, you will be given 3 links - one link to print a pdf give us permission to put your house in the MLS, and another link you choose for your type property and area of state to print out an information form regarding your property. You must electronically complete these two forms and scan back to me in readable pdf form to be listed in the MLS.  A third link will allow you to give us permission to communicate with you - this is a MailChimp list.

C. Allow 24-48 working hrs for the listing to become "active" once MLS has all your listing information & pymt.  We try to have you "active" by the end of the 1st full working day after we get all your info.  We promise it by the 2nd, but try to deliver by the 1st. Your information is then entered by me, the broker into the MLS.  I am only one person, and I work weekdays.  Office is not open on Weekends.

D. Once completed, your MLS broker will email you a copy of the listing. Please review your listing carefully to make sure its correct.

E. Allow 1 to 3 days for your property to update on syndicated real estate websites. Some websites update faster than others, so please be patient.  Not ALL MLS systems update ALL 3rd party sites! We have NO control over third-party sites, only the MLS.

You will receive emails that contain forms or links to forms you may need.  Complete the property disclosure form and other necessary forms, sign and scan/email back to me for your listing ASAP. 


You may be contacted by email by Don Martin with Martin Properties, your local MLS broker. Please check your inbox (and SPAM/Junk folder) for the email. If your order was placed on the weekend, expect to be contacted on Monday. His phone number is 615-973-8970.

Now you are just steps away from creating your listing, click below to begin...


So you can keep track, I need these five items BEFORE I even get started on your listing.

1   Payment   (PayPal)

2   Permission to MLS   (pdf - completed, signed, emailed to me)

3   Permission to Communicate   (MailChimp link)

4   Profile data sheet for your property   (pdf - completed, signed, emailed to me)

5   Pictures of your property   (uploaded .jpg)

Please be sure they are all totally completed, signed and returned to me and then checked off this list before you call me to ask if your listing is about to be active.